WebDesign by Martin Smith
– An automatic video analysis program for dectecting Single Channel Calcium Fluorescent
Transients, or SCCaFTs
– Built in and for the lab of Dr. Ian Parker at the University of California, Irvine
Free and Open Source Software Club @ UCI
– Join the Free and Open Source Software Club at UCI! If you cant come to our meetings,
join the forums!
– I am the Co-President and webmaster of FOSS club.
Rabies Mom
– A website for the book RabiesMom, by Jack McGowan and Pat Carroll
– Hand-crafted design elements with custom javascript animation and local forum
The Better Parent Foundation
– A website for The Better Parent Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting
the child-victims of divorce
– Light and flexible design with non-standard navigation
– A website for NAR, the quarterly literary publication for the Campuswide Honors
Program at UC Irvine
– Long-term page upkeep and media presentation
Auguri Arts
– A website for Auguri Arts and the ceramics of Sunol, California artist, Conover Smith
– Custom galleries and piece presentation

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